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Wayanad Social Service Society

Projects & Programmes

WOFFA is very much concern about the Infrastructure Development. In the filed level WOFFA already started 10 Local resource/collection centres. WOFFA is already started to establish a unit for parchment coffee. The Preparation is going to start a nursery of 2,50000 Seedlings of Coffee and Pepper.

Under the initiative of WOFFA the Varanasi composting system is introduced as a substitution for chemically treated fertilizers and growth promoters. Farmers can easily prepare compost with locally available inputs. The technical trainings and financial assistance rendered by WOFFA caused the wide spreading of this method of compost preparation.  Every year around 2000 farmers are being benefited through this program by the production of 300 MT of compost.  It is considered as the best example for the proper utilization of Fair trade premium price. In addition to this WOFFA is giving bonus  to the farmers who sell their produce through WOFFA.

23 Students who have won with A+ in entire Subject in SSLC and Higher Secondary Examination are being benefitted under the scholarship programme introduced by WOFFA.

Another achievement of WOFFA is the free distribution of 10000 Tarpaulin sheet to 1000 Farmers who participated in the coffee marketing of WOFFA. In this way we could ensure the Quality Oriented drying process of coffee.