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Wayanad Social Service Society

Radio Mattoli Programmes

SathchintanamReflective thoughts for the day
DinavrthanthamHistorical importance of the day
PrathibhayumAthithiyumIntroducing exceptionally talented persons in Wayanad
KudumbaVedhiProgrammes fostering family values
AriyippukalInformation of daily local events
Gandhi DarshanamReflections on Gandhian thoughts
JanalakkappuramSkit on contemporary topics
VanithaMattoliProgrammes for women
AyalnaduProgramme on various aspects of agriculture
VayanamuriIntroduction of various books and local libraries
Mattoli club timeProgramme by Mattoli School Club members
MayilpeeliProgrammes of children
HarithamOorjhithamA special farm education programme for coffee growers
ATMA NjattuvelaProgramme on current issues/concern of the farming sector
ArogyaVediHealth Programme.
NattarivukalProgrammes on traditional medicine &Local knowledge
Jana VaniProgramme on public interest issues
Carrier MattoliProgramme on job opportunities
NABARD VardhiniA development education programme
ThudichethamProgrammes in indigenous dialects
Phone in programmeExperts interact with people on different issues
AranghuCultural programmes