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Wayanad Social Service Society

Organic Farming Marketing

It is an established fact that the spices and other agro products in Wayanad have an edge over the commodities produced elsewhere in the country for the unique environment and climate in the region. To corroborate above WSSS has its own experience that ever since   it has got into the spices processing and marketing the buyers responses have always positive and continuous. But, there is need to familiarise the products to larger segments of users by reaching out to them through dealers firms in other parts of the country and abroad. In this respect there are two different types of dealership in vogue: (a) Whole sellers / Exporters who buy the processed / semi-processed commodities in bulk who in turn do retailed business upon it and (b) manufactures who use the commodities as ingredients for their branded products, which also include extractors. Established export firms also transact business with Society who, in fact, constitutes the major clientele. The organisation makes it a point to attend both National & International exhibitions and trade fares frequently which uses to provide good business openings. From experience, everywhere spices grown in Wayanad have an edge in the National and International Market.