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Wayanad Social Service Society

Internal Control System

The Internal Control System (ICS) is one of the key criteria and a basic prerequisite of the Organic Group Certification Programme. There has to be a professional team in place for the task.  The existing ICS personnel with WSSS, the team authenticated by including  General co-ordinator,  ICS Manager,  Agronomist,  Training officer, Soil Chemist, Documentation Officer,  Finance officer, Internal Inspectors and Filed Organizers in order to cater the  farm holdings. Regular monitoring of the organic farm is mandatory in the certification processes. In this respect every organic farm has to remain under the purview of inspections in conformity with the said organic standards with a minimum of three visit/inspections by qualified and authorized persons. In reinforcement of the Internal certification process underway, an accredited external Certification agency has also to  assess the internal control system by visiting  the organic farm units and verifying  the processing allied activities and upon passing through the   comprehensive evaluation procedures certificates will be issued on yearly basis. It is mandatory to organize an ICS meeting every month participated by all the members of ICS team including the management personnel participated. Review and planning of programs/activities related to organic certification programme are the main agenda of the meetings.