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Wayanad Social Service Society

Organic Certification

Small Farmers Organic Certification Programme: WSSS is concentrating in particular among the small & marginal farmers for their betterment in the overall context, highlighting ‘Sustainable Development’ as the motto. At awareness and organizational levels, the Society has done a lot apart from introducing several innovations in the farming sector and popularizing them by implementing specific projects and programmesWSSS envisages sustainable agriculture with optimum returns, stability and regenerative management of natural resources. In accordance with the above it is claimed to equip and empower the farming communities for judicious and progressive agricultural practices and absolute control and management over the means of production and produces including fair pricing of it. In the process the participation of the entire community ought to be there with desirable levels of equity in appropriating the output/ results in one form or the other. Conduct regular trainings, supply of farm inputs, organic certification and organic products through quality control, processing and marketing. Organic Certification:The Organic Certification programme starts with a training which includes advanced concepts of organic farming, the procedures and formalities of an accredited certification, the importance of food safety/security, various methods for soil and water conservation, significance of Natural Resources Management, and relevance of growing organic global markets for ensuring premium price for the producers etc. Meaningful participation of the farming community in the learning programmes is realized through their contributions by way of financing the programme partially. The subject matter experts from various organizations, including WSSS team will resource the training by delivering talks on different topics and passing on clear cut information on the modalities of certification.