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Wayanad Social Service Society


Since inception, WSSS have maintained special interest both on indigenous people as well as their traditional practices. A planned health care approach keeping in line with indigenous practices and herbal medicines came to focus in WSSS Programme in 1989. Village health clubs were formed and a series of trainings followed. The marginalization of the tribals continues and they fall victims to genetic disorders and diseases like sickle-cell anaemia. WSSS combines its knowledge, skills and contacts on herbal and traditional medicines in the treatment of these diseases.

WSSS has made many attempts to revive the traditional health practices to deal with these problems in the district. It has adopted measures like ex-situ conservation of herbs, collection and conservation of rare and endangered herbal species, raw drugs, seeds etc., preparation of herbarium, nursery of herbs, herbal garden, documentation of local health tradition through community participation programme, training in herbal preparations etc.