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Wayanad Social Service Society


WSSS also very careful about to maintain a Resource Centre at Boy’s Town with the Support of FRLHT programme. This museum includes the following items:

·         Herbarium  - 601 species 1095 sheets

·         Raw drugs  -       120

·         Seed storage –    240 species

There is a Ex-situ Conservation Park for medicinal plants are maintained in Boy’s Town since the inception of  WSSS. The details of the conservation park is as following:

·         Extent: 5 acres

·         Plant population: 2500

·         Species :570 in 22 Grids

·         Rare Endangered and Threatened (RET) species conserved: 47

WSSS also have a mother nursery and promote Home Herbal Gardens with 20 to 30 species each in villages. And also developed regional level community nurseries by ten women groups.