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About Wayanad Social Service Society

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Wayanad Social Service Society (WSSS) is a registered charitable society and a secular voluntary organization established in the year 1974. It is the official social service organization of the Catholic Diocese of Mananthavady. Ever since its inception in 1974, it has been a major objective of WSSS to form village level Peoples Organizations in order to empower the poor and weaker sections in the society.  Social Welfare Society formed in different rural areas is the Community Based Peoples Organization (CBO) to organize and to undertake development interventions and to initiate the process of empowerment of the people. It aims at Socio-economic empowerment of the target group consisting of tribals, women, small and marginal farmers through participatory development interventions.

Wayanad district encompasses the hilly region lying along the Western Ghats at the North East of Kerala State. It is known as land of plantations and spices, the crops grown there in unique agro climate enjoying superiority in the international market. On the contrary, the small and marginal farmers who produce them stand largely deprived with low yield and poor prices as compared to the high investment and hard labour. In this respect, majority of the local farming community is constituted of agricultural settlers migrated from elsewhere and the entire population lags behind practically in all aspects of development. The primary sector of agriculture is still distanced from technological advancement, credit facilities, marketing linkages, etc. The major plantation crops include coffee, tea, pepper, cardamom and rubber. Coffee based farming system is a notable feature of Wayanad. Coffee is grown both as pure crop and as mixed crop along with pepper. Pepper is grown largely along with coffee in the north eastern parts of the district. As per the latest agricultural statistics coffee and pepper equally shares the cropping area accounting for about 60% of it in the whole district. Other inter cultivated major crops are coconut, areca nut, cardamom, cassava and ginger. Wet land area occupies 22,772 hectares cropped with rice, banana, areca nut and vegetables seasonally. These fields are mostly lying along the valleys formed between hillocks. 90% of the farming community is invariably small & marginal farmers occupying 60% of the total cultivated land. The remaining land is in the possession of planters including companies in the form of coffee and tea estates. The total population in the district is 0.7millon and 17% of which is tribal.


Wayanad lies between north latitude 110 27' and 150 58' and east 750 47' and 700 27'. It is bounded on the east by Nilgigris and Mysore districts of Tamilnadu and Karnataka respectively, on the north by Coorg district of Karnataka, on the south by Malappuram and on the west by Kozhikode and Kannur. Wayanad district stands on the southern top of the Deccan plateau and its chief glory is the majestic Western ghats with lofty ridges interspersed with dense forest, tangled jungles and deep valleys, the terrain is rugged. It is set lofty on the majestic Western Ghats with altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 Metres above mean sea level. Except during the peak rainy season lasting three months starting from June, rest of the full year is ideal enough to travel the area. In fact, the fine weather, scenic beauty, wild life and the rich bio-diversity are major tourist attractions and accordingly there is marked increase in the number of tourist visiting the area of late.   Calicut is the nearest international airport for person with destination to Wayanad to disembark. The distance from there to Mananthavady by road is 135 km. From the railway station and main bus terminal at Calicut the distance is 107km. There is a national highway (NH 212) going from Calicut to Bangalore with interstate buses plying round the clock. The passenger with destination for Mananthavady will have to get down at Kalpetta and take deviation for Mananthavady for a distance of 35km. However, there are direct bus services from Calicut to Mananthavady in regular frequency.

Meet Our Leaders

Bishop - Mar Jose Porunnedom


Rev. Fr. Bijo Karukapallil

Director - General

Rev. Fr. John Choorapuzhayil

Director- WSSS Organics
(Organic Farming And Allied Activities)

Rev. Fr. Sebin Aickarathazhath

Regional Director (Nilambur - Manimooly)

Rev. Fr. Cheruthottil Paul

Associate Director